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Occupational safety and health interventions to protect young workers from hazardous work – A scoping review
Abstract Occupational injury rates are higher among young people when compared to older age groups. Objective Identifying preventive occupational safety and health interventions that aim at protecting young workers from hazards at work while considering their ongoing physical and mental maturation. Methods We ran a sensitive search strategy in twelve electronic databases to locate studies. Two review authors independently screened titles and abstracts, and later full texts for eligibility. One person extracted the details of studies and another checked for errors. Data were analyzed in an iterative...
Accidentologie des jeunes travailleurs
Recevoir un enseignement en santé et sécurité au travail réduit le risque d’accidents du travail chez les moins de 25 ans Le département Epidémiologie en Entreprise de l’INRS a réalisé une étude épidémiologique sur les accidents du travail. Cette étude visait à évaluer l’efficacité de l’enseignement en santé et sécurité au travail reçu par de jeunes élèves ou apprentis issus de l’enseignement professionnel. Au terme de cette...
Why are occupational health and safety training approaches not effective?
Understanding young worker learning processes using an ergonomic lens Young workers are frequently injured at work. Education and awareness strategies to prevent injuries among young workers are common but they are often ineffective. These approaches emphasize teaching, rather than learning strategies, and appear to contradict recent competency-based developments in education science. This study aimed to gain insight into the actual safety skills learning process of adolescents in an internship in a high school vocational training program. The results are based on auto and allo-confrontation interviews...

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