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Situation awareness in young novice ambulance drivers: So much more than driving
Background: The intractable problem of young novice driver road crashes, and the critical role of emergency responders in attending road crashes, is well-recognised as is the critical role of situation awareness skills (SAS, ie. an understanding of ‘what is going on’ in a specific situation). Emergency responders may be young novice drivers and young novice ambulance drivers, therefore SAS will be required for safe road use. This project explored the SA demands upon young novice ambulance drivers (‘drivers’) in Queensland, Australia. Method: A synthesis of literature regarding...
Young Drivers at Work
RoSPA ran a project designed to get a better understanding of the risks faced, and created, by young (17-24 years) drivers at work, including: the views of employers on how well the present system of driver training and testing prepares young people for the sort of driving they do for work whether employers would recognise and make use of a 'driving for work qualification' when recruiting or managing young staff who drive as part of their job, and if so, what should be included in such a qualification or training programme.

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