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The effects of horizontal violence and bullying on new nurse retention
Horizontal violence and bullying are pervasive throughout nursing. New graduate nurses are at higher risk. Challenged with the task of making the transition from student to practitioner, new graduates often lack the confidence and social connectivity that may ward off interpersonal conflict. Continued interpersonal violence directed at new graduates may lead to negative physical and psychological consequences, high turnover rates, or abandonment of the profession. This article describes possible strategies to break the chain of violence. Source : Weaver KB. J Nurses Prof Dev . 2013; 29(3): 138...
Harassment at work?
Empowerment and autonomy as coping strategies of young workers There is a considerable number of researches about workplace violence, but few relate young workers and work harassment. This study aimed to investigate the reported perceptions of young apprentices and trainees about moral harassment at work and related coping strategies. Forty adolescent workers (22 men and 18 women) between 15 and 20 years old who received training by a non-governmental organization in São Paulo, Brazil, participated in the study. Data collection included individual and collective interviews. It was used an...

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