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Overlapping Vulnerabilities
The Occupational Health and Safety of Young Immigrant Workers in Small Construction Firms The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) are the initiators of an intervention effort to reach workers experiencing overlapping occupational safety and health (OSH) vulnerabilities in small construction businesses. This report focuses on three populations that research indicates are at increased risk for adverse work-related health outcomes—Hispanic immigrants (individuals born in Latin America who currently live in the United...
Workforce diversity and risk assessment
Ensuring everyone is covered This report highlights the need to carry out inclusive risk assessment; to take into account the diversity of the workforce when assessing and managing risks. Workers are not all exposed to the same risks and some specific groups of workers are exposed to increased risks (or are subject to particular requirements). When we speak about workers exposed to ‘particular' or ‘increased' risks, we refer to workers subject to specifi c risks due to their age, origins, gender, physical condition or status in the enterprise. Such people may be more vulnerable...
“Newness” and the risk of occupational injury
Research is emerging that “newness” is associated with a higher risk of work injury. Whether it's young workers, workers of all ages new to their jobs, recent immigrants or employees in newly established firms, the evidence indicates that these workers face higher injury rates and/or more hazardous jobs. This Issue Briefing summarizes the key research behind these findings and explores the implications for policy-makers in governments and health and safety service providers.

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