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Employees’ drug purchases before and after organizational downsizing
A natural experiment on the Norwegian working population (2004–2012) Private sector employees in Norway exposed to major organizational downsizing during the period 2004–2012 had elevated odds of purchasing antidepressants, hypnotics/sedatives, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, insulins, cardiovascular- and thyroid drugs around the time of downsizing, compared to the situation three years earlier. We suggest a strengthening of preventive health initiatives and systematic involvement from occupational health services in downsizing processes. Source: Kaspersen, S. L., Pape, K., Carlsen, F...
Unstable Workplace Might Increase Employee Risk for Heart Attack
When employees feel ambiguous about their role in the organization and there is a lack of clear-cut communication, they might be at higher risk for heart attacks over time, a new study suggests. The 18-year study from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki, Finland, examined the possible link between job control factors and heart attacks — acute myocardial infarction — among 7,663 private sector employees.

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