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Managerial Quality and Risk of Depressive Disorders Among Danish Eldercare Workers
A Multilevel Cohort Study Objective: To examine whether low managerial quality predicts risk of depressive disorders. Methods: Using multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression analyses we examined the prospective association of individual-level and workplace-mean managerial quality with onset of depressive disorders among 5244 eldercare workers from 274 workplaces during 20 months follow-up. Results: Low managerial quality predicted onset of depressive disorders in both the individual-level (odds ratio [OR] = 1.85, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.25 to 2.76) and the workplace-mean analysis ...
Impact of Organizational Policies and Practices on Workplace Injuries in a Hospital Setting
Objective: This study aimed to assess relationships between perceptions of organizational practices and policies (OPP), social support, and injury rates among workers in hospital units. Methods: A total of 1230 hospital workers provided survey data on OPP, job flexibility, and social support. Demographic data and unit injury rates were collected from the hospitals' administrative databases. Results: Injury rates were lower in units where workers reported higher OPP scores and high social support. These relationships were mainly observed among registered nurses. Registered nurses perceived coworker...
The effect of external non-driving factors, payment type and waiting and queuing on fatigue in long distance trucking
INTRODUCTION : The aim of this study was to explore the effects of external influences on long distance trucking, in particular, incentive-based remuneration systems and the need to wait or queue to load or unload on driver experiences of fatigue. METHODS : Long distance truck drivers (n=475) were recruited at truck rest stops on the major transport corridors within New South Wales, Australia and asked to complete a survey by self-administration or interview. The survey covered demographics, usual working arrangements, details of the last trip and safety outcomes including fatigue experiences....
Un projet lorrain pour concilier lean et amélioration des conditions de travail
Des PME lorraines ayant mis en oeuvre des démarche lean constatent une amélioration de la productivité, mais un aussi un impact sur la santé des salariés. Avec l’appui de l’ARACT, une action régionale vise à cerner les conditions d'un déploiement intégrant l'ensemble des dimensions de la performance. Certaines de ces entreprises s’interrogent aujourd’hui sur les effets possibles de ces démarches. Elles notent, certes, les effets bénéfiques dans un premier temps des réorganisations...

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