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Social dialogue in micro and small companies
Micro and small companies constitute the backbone of private business in Europe, accounting for nearly 99% of all enterprises, more than half of total employment in the private sector and an even greater proportion of new jobs. Despite their crucial place in the economy, there has been little research on micro and small companies, particularly in terms of the implementation of fundamental workers' rights – such as health and safety at work – and the positive role of social dialogue in striving for good working conditions and industrial relations. Given this knowledge gap, Eurofound...
The main benefits associated with health and safety management systems certification in Portuguese small and medium enterprises post quality management system certification
The purpose of this study is to characterize how Portuguese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) view the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMSs) certification process, after receiving the Quality Management System (QMS) certification. References were based on the ISO 9001 standard for a QMS and OHSAS 18001 for OHSMS. The method used to evaluate the implemented systems, was by form of questionnaire. Those questioned had to have a certified quality management system, an implemented OHSMS and be a SME. The questionnaire was sent to 300 SMEs; 46 responses were received and validated...
Un projet lorrain pour concilier lean et amélioration des conditions de travail
Des PME lorraines ayant mis en oeuvre des démarche lean constatent une amélioration de la productivité, mais un aussi un impact sur la santé des salariés. Avec l’appui de l’ARACT, une action régionale vise à cerner les conditions d'un déploiement intégrant l'ensemble des dimensions de la performance. Certaines de ces entreprises s’interrogent aujourd’hui sur les effets possibles de ces démarches. Elles notent, certes, les effets bénéfiques dans un premier temps des réorganisations...
Quelle prévention dans les PME / TPE ? Une nouvelle étude de l’INRS
L’INRS a publié le 8 mars les résultats d’une étude réalisée par l'institut LH2, du 8 au 22 décembre 2010, sur les risques professionnels dans les entreprises de moins de 50 salariés. Celle-ci révèle un manque de préoccupation et de connaissances dans le domaine des risques professionnels. Quand on sait que les structures de moins de 50 salariés représentent 98% des entreprises relevant du régime général, on imagine l’urgence pour tous les acteurs de la prévention...
Developing understanding of target audiences
Amongst the planned activities of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for 2009/10, a significant element is aimed at reaching and influencing two different audiences with regards to LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation). These audiences are: supply-side stakeholders; and SME businesses that use LEV to control their employees' exposure to hazardous substances. To inform these activities, a qualitative research study was carried out with users and suppliers of LEV equipment in April, May and June 2009. Source :
The Big Picture
Solving the “problem” of OHS in small business Solutions to the “problem” of health and safety in small business are slow in coming. At the 2009 Alf Nachemson Memorial Lecture, Dr. Joan Eakin drew upon her years of research to help explain why. Source :
Effectiveness and implementation of health and safety programs in small enterprises: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative literature
Small businesses have unique challenges with occupational health and safety (OHS). Overall, workers in a small business have a higher risk of workplace injury than workers in large firms, yet both workers and owners may not have a sense of this increased risk. Small businesses are more likely to face financial instability than larger firms. Together, these situations create a challenge in understanding and managing the risk of workplace accidents. This systematic review was conducted to provide an understanding of and guidance on how to implement OHS in small businesses, and to identify effective...

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