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Une forme de gestion désincarnée de l’activité
L'exemple d'une formation en santé et sécurité du travail destinée aux préposés aux bénéficiaires au Québec Cet article a pour objectif d'illustrer les limites d'un mode de gestion désincarné de l'activité réelle de travail. Nous prenons l'exemple d'un mode de gestion « top-down » d'une formation en santé au travail destinée aux préposés aux bénéficiaires travaillant dans les organisations gériatriques au Québec...
Review of workplace innovation and its relation with occupational safety and health
This report provides evidence that high levels of occupational safety and health (OSH) performance (low accident rates and absenteeism, OSH culture) correlate with workplace innovation and human performance. Workplace innovations are strategy induced and participatory adopted changes in an organisation’s practice of managing, organising and deploying human and non-human resources that lead to simultaneously improved organisational performance and improved quality of working life. Source :
Effectiveness and implementation of health and safety programs in small enterprises: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative literature
Small businesses have unique challenges with occupational health and safety (OHS). Overall, workers in a small business have a higher risk of workplace injury than workers in large firms, yet both workers and owners may not have a sense of this increased risk. Small businesses are more likely to face financial instability than larger firms. Together, these situations create a challenge in understanding and managing the risk of workplace accidents. This systematic review was conducted to provide an understanding of and guidance on how to implement OHS in small businesses, and to identify effective...

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