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Codes et enjeux d'une organisation hors les murs Le télétravail gagne du terrain, mais n'est pas pour autant toujours formellement encadré dans les entreprises. Pour le faire sortir de cette zone grise, il s'agit de le considérer non pas comme une mesure individuelle exceptionnelle mais comme un nouveau mode d'organisation de l'entreprise, à débattre et à expérimenter. Source : Travail & changement , No. 353, Janvier-février 2014.
Posted workers in the European Union
This report examines the extent of the phenomenon of the posting of workers, the roles played both by European and national-level legislation in determining the employment and working conditions of posted workers and the roles played by legislation and collective bargaining – and how these two domains interplay. The report is in part an update of earlier work carried out in 2003 by Eurofound into the issue – not least, updating the findings with data from the new Member States, which had not joined the Union at that time. Importantly, the research looks at the possible implications...
Employee reactions to office redesign
A naturally occurring quasi-field experiment in a multi-generational setting Outcomes associated with an office redesign aimed at decreasing workspace while enhancing perceptions of organizational culture and work-related attitudes are examined within a financial services organization. Findings show that employees assigned to the redesigned office environment report less workspace and more distractions than those who remained in a cubicle environment, but that this finding was moderated by age generation. Human Relations , Vol. 63, No. 5, 609-636 (2010) Source :

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