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A review of the impact of shift work on occupational cancer
The change to a 24-hour society means that increasingly more people are working ‘non-traditional' hours, including shift work and night work. However there remains concern over the effect of shift work on health, including its relationship with cancer. This research, undertaken by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, aimed to review the literature on the impact of shift working on the risk of cancer and the steps that could be taken to reduce the risks, to help build an international perspective of the problem. Source:
Worktime control access, need and use in relation to work-home interference, fatigue, and job motivation
Objective: Worktime control (WTC) has been suggested as a tool to reduce employees' work-home interference and fatigue and improve job motivation. The purpose of this study was twofold: (i) to examine the prevalence of employees' need for, access to, and use of WTC, as well as the incongruence between need for and access to WTC (ie, mismatch); and (ii) to examine the associations of this mismatch and the use of WTC with employees' work–home interference (WHI), fatigue and job motivation. Methods: Questionnaire data were collected among a large (N=2420) quasi-representative sample...
Shift work and diabetes mellitus
A meta-analysis of observational studies Background: Observational studies suggest that shift work may be associated with diabetes mellitus (DM). However, the results are inconsistent. No systematic reviews have applied quantitative techniques to compute summary risk estimates. Objectives: To conduct a meta-analysis of observational studies assessing the association between shift work and the risk of DM. Methods: Relevant studies were identified by a search of PubMed, Embase, Web of Science and ProQuest Dissertation and Theses databases to April 2014. We also reviewed reference lists from retrieved...
La conciliation des temps, une question à plusieurs dimensions
Longtemps réduite à l'équation vie professionnelle-vie familiale, la question de la conciliation des temps appelle une vision plus systémique, prenant en compte les dimensions temporelles liées à l'entreprise, à ses marchés, à ses salariés et aux territoires. C'est le « compromis temporel », une grille de lecture à plusieurs dimensions élaborée par l'Anact. Découvrez ce nouveau numéro qui met le projecteur sur le sujet phare de la Semaine pour la qualité de...
Codes et enjeux d'une organisation hors les murs Le télétravail gagne du terrain, mais n'est pas pour autant toujours formellement encadré dans les entreprises. Pour le faire sortir de cette zone grise, il s'agit de le considérer non pas comme une mesure individuelle exceptionnelle mais comme un nouveau mode d'organisation de l'entreprise, à débattre et à expérimenter. Source : Travail & changement , No. 353, Janvier-février 2014.
The effect of external non-driving factors, payment type and waiting and queuing on fatigue in long distance trucking
INTRODUCTION : The aim of this study was to explore the effects of external influences on long distance trucking, in particular, incentive-based remuneration systems and the need to wait or queue to load or unload on driver experiences of fatigue. METHODS : Long distance truck drivers (n=475) were recruited at truck rest stops on the major transport corridors within New South Wales, Australia and asked to complete a survey by self-administration or interview. The survey covered demographics, usual working arrangements, details of the last trip and safety outcomes including fatigue experiences....
The Effects of Commuting on Pilot Fatigue
Nearly everyone experiences fatigue, but some professions--such as aviation, medicine and the military--demand alert, precise, rapid, and well-informed decision making and communication with little margin for error. The potential for fatigue to negatively affect human performance is well established. Concern about this potential in the aviation context extends back decades, with both airlines and pilots agreeing that fatigue is a safety concern. A more recent consideration is whether and how pilot commuting, conducted in a pilot's off-duty time, may affect fatigue during flight duty. Source...
Health Impact of The Psychosocial Hazards of Work
An Overview Psychosocial risks go hand in hand with the experience of work-related stress. Longitudinal studies and systematic reviews have indicated that stress at work is associated with heart disease, depression, and musculoskeletal disorders and there is consistent evidence that high job demands, low control, and effort-reward imbalance are risk factors for mental and physical health problems, thereby leading to further strain on public spending for increased costs on healthcare. Despite the available evidence, the prevention and management of psychosocial risks has not been high on the policy...
Very atypical work
Exploratory analysis of fourth European Working Conditions Survey The report seeks to examine the phenomenon of ‘very atypical' work, looking at the incidence and nature of this form of work across the 27 EU Member States (EU27) and Norway. At the same time, it attempts to assess the working conditions of these ‘very atypical' forms of work, including whether such work constitutes a stepping stone to more standard forms of employment or if it entails a risk of social exclusion. In addition, the report sets out to examine the views and actions of the social partners in relation...
Activités, expérience et santé à l’épreuve des évolutions du travail : recherches dans quatre secteurs professionnels
Ce rapport de recherche présente les exposés et débats de l’édition 2007 du séminaire « Ages et travail » organisé par le Créapt. Le thème retenu en 2007 était :« Activités, expérience et santé à l’épreuve des évolutions du travail : recherches dans quatre secteurs professionnels ». Ces quatre secteurs sont la santé, le transport ferroviaire, la métallurgie et l’agriculture.

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