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Organizational change, psychosocial work environment, and non-disability early retirement
A prospective study among senior public employees To date, this is the most exhaustive study to examine voluntary early retirement behavior among senior public service employees exposed to organizational change and subsequent assessment of the psychosocial work environment on the work-unit level. Decision-makers should consider the impact of organizational change and the psychosocial work environment in strategies to maintain senior public employees in the labor market. Source: Breinegaard, N., Jensen, J. H., & Bonde, J. P. (2017). Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health . http...
Employer downsizing and older workers’ health
We estimate the effect of employer downsizing on older workers' health outcomes using different approaches to control for endogeneity and sample selection. With the exception of the insrumental variables approach, wich provides large imprecise estimates, our results suggest that employer downsizing increases the probability that older workers rate their health as fair or poor; increases the risk of showing symptoms of clinical depression; and increases the risk of being diagnosed with stroke, arthritis, and psychiatric or emotional problems. We find weaker evidence that downsizing increases...

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