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Developing an inter-organizational safety climate instrument for the construction industry
In the construction industry, recent literature has promoted a design for safety approach that discusses the benefits of considering safety from the very start of the project lifecycle. With this approach, non-construction personnel, such as owners and designers, need to work alongside constructors and subcontractors to consider safety during design and procurement stages of a project. This is a difficult process, particularly with the degree of fragmentation in the industry. Safety climate survey instruments have been developed to identify these sources of fragmentation among stakeholder groups...
Methodology of improving occupational safety in the construction industry on the basis of the TWI program
The article presents the way of using the Training Within Industry (TWI) program, derived from manufacturing processes, in the construction industry in order to improve occupational safety. The origin and meaning of the TWI program and its relation to the philosophy of Lean Management is also described. The article shows how a preventative approach to ensuring safety has developed over the years. It has been proved that human errors, and not technical problems, have the greatest impact on the occurrence of accidents. After literature surveys, three main root causes of human errors were defined...
Toward an understanding of the impact of production pressure on safety performance in construction operations
It is not unusual to observe that actual schedule and quality performances are different from planned performances (e.g., schedule delay and rework) during a construction project. Such differences often result in production pressure (e.g., being pressed to work faster). Previous studies demonstrated that such production pressure negatively affects safety performance. However, the process by which production pressure influences safety performance, and to what extent, has not been fully investigated. As a result, the impact of production pressure has not been incorporated much into safety management...
Preventing construction worker injury incidents through the management of personal stress and organizational stressors
Construction workers (CWs) are positioned at the lowest level of an organization and thus have limited control over their work. For this reason, they are often deprived of their due rewards and training or sometimes are even compelled to focus on production at the expense of their own safety. These organizational stressors not only cause the CWs stress but also impair their safety behaviors. The impairment of safety behaviors is the major cause of CW injury incidents. Hence, to prevent injury incidents and enhance safety behaviors of CWs, the current study aimed to identify the impact of various...
Occupational injury and work organization among immigrant Latino residential construction workers
BACKGROUND: Rates of occupational injury among immigrant workers are widely believed to be underestimated. The goal of this study was to enhance understanding of the burden of occupational injury and the work organization factors underlying injury among immigrant Latino residential construction workers. METHODS: Prospective data were obtained from a community-based sample of Latino residential construction workers (N = 107) over a 3-month period. RESULTS: Twenty-eight participants were injured, resulting in an injury incidence rate of 55.0/100 FTE (95% CI = 41.4-71.6...
Comprendre le risque routier professionnel par l’analyse de l’activité
L'exemple des conducteurs de travaux Cet article présente les résultats d'une recherche portant sur le risque routier professionnel rencontré par des travailleurs dont la conduite n'est pas le métier mais qui se déplacent fréquemment : les conducteurs de travaux de chantiers de travaux publics. En adoptant le point de vue de l'activité, nous montrons que la compréhension et la prévention de ce risque nécessitent de connaître et de comprendre l'activité de travail. En effet, l'activité...

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