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Contingent workers
Workers' compensation data analysis strategies and limitations The growth of the contingent workforce presents many challenges in the occupational safety and health arena. State and federal laws impose obligations and rights on employees and employers, but contingent work raises issues regarding responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace and difficulties in collecting and reporting data on injuries and illnesses. Contingent work may involve uncertainty about the length of employment, control over the labor process, degree of regulatory, or statutory protections, and access to benefits under...
Family life and work
Demographic change and labour market developments impact significantly on the family life and work of Europeans, with far-reaching consequences for the future. The policy approach in this area has in recent years focused on increasing the employment rates of women, finding ways for both men and women to achieve a better work–life balance and, more recently, promoting a rise in birth rates. This report explores the subject of work and family life across Europe, looking at ways to find a better balance between the demands of work and family responsibilities. Based on data from the second European...
Travail dans l'intérim
Brochure "Accueil et santé au travail dans l'intérim" Les partenaires sociaux reconnaissent la spécificité de la relation de travail et des conditions de travail du salarié intérimaire et réaffirment la nécessité d'appliquer au salarié intérimaire les mêmes règles de santé et de sécurité au travail qu'au salarié sous contrat de travail à durée indéterminée.
“Newness” and the risk of occupational injury
Research is emerging that “newness” is associated with a higher risk of work injury. Whether it's young workers, workers of all ages new to their jobs, recent immigrants or employees in newly established firms, the evidence indicates that these workers face higher injury rates and/or more hazardous jobs. This Issue Briefing summarizes the key research behind these findings and explores the implications for policy-makers in governments and health and safety service providers.
Salariés intérimaires, soyez vigilants au volant
Une campagne régionale de sensibilisation des agences d'intérim et de leurs salariés à la prévention des accidents routiers au travail vient d'être lancée par la DRTEFP et la CRAM dans le cadre du groupement régional de santé publique (GRSP).

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