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Overlapping Vulnerabilities
The Occupational Health and Safety of Young Immigrant Workers in Small Construction Firms The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) are the initiators of an intervention effort to reach workers experiencing overlapping occupational safety and health (OSH) vulnerabilities in small construction businesses. This report focuses on three populations that research indicates are at increased risk for adverse work-related health outcomes—Hispanic immigrants (individuals born in Latin America who currently live in the United...
Travailleurs immigrants et santé et sécurité du travail
Ce numéro Travailleurs immigrants et santé et sécurité du travail (SST) veut apporter un modeste éclairage sur le cumul des précarités liées aux conditions de SST au travail, au statut migratoire, aux liens fragiles d'emploi, à la faiblesse des revenus, à la non-reconnaissance des compétences et à l'incapacité d'exercer ses droits. Les travaux de SST ici regroupés s'intéressent aux travailleurs ayant divers profils : des résidents permanents embauchés par les petites...
Inquiry into recruitment and employment in the meat and poultry processing sector
Report of the findings and recommendations In October 2008, the Commission launched an inquiry into recruitment and employment in the meat and poultry processing sector in England and Wales. We wanted to examine how the people working in this industry are recruited, and how they are treated once they are at work. This would help us to identify practices that inhibit equality and damage relations between different nationalities and types of worker, and barriers that prevent progress. It would also allow us to make recommendations to overcome these issues by drawing on current good practice in the...
“Newness” and the risk of occupational injury
Research is emerging that “newness” is associated with a higher risk of work injury. Whether it's young workers, workers of all ages new to their jobs, recent immigrants or employees in newly established firms, the evidence indicates that these workers face higher injury rates and/or more hazardous jobs. This Issue Briefing summarizes the key research behind these findings and explores the implications for policy-makers in governments and health and safety service providers.
Présentation de l'Eurofound devant le Parlement Européen
With the title of ‘Living and Working in Europe’ , the exhibition will draw on Eurofound research to provide a range of materials that will give the latest information in relation to what it actually means to live and work in Europe today. Equally importantly, the week’s events will reinforce the strong ties that Eurofound enjoys with the Parliament and will enable MEPs, their assistants and the staff of political Groups and Committees to speak to Eurofound staff directly about their own areas of interest and to obtain relevant input from an independent research perspective. A...

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