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A cross-Canada knowledge transfer and exchange workplace intervention targeting the adoption of sun safety programs and practices
Sun Safety at Work Canada Outdoor workers have a higher risk for skin cancers and heat stress. Workplaces need solutions relevant to their needs, proven to be effective in the real-world, and trialed in workplace settings. This article examines a workplace-based knowledge transfer and exchange intervention project, called Sun Safety at Work Canada. The objective was to have sun exposure included as a hazard within the workplaces' health and safety management systems. Knowledge brokers from the research team engaged intensively and supported workplaces in the municipal and electrical-utility...
Group Purchasing of Workplace Health Promotion Services for Small Employers
Objective: Small employers are underserved with workplace health promotion services, so we explored the potential for group purchasing of these services. Methods: We conducted semistructured telephone interviews of member organizations serving small employers, as well as workplace health promotion vendors, in Washington State. Results: We interviewed 22 employer organizations (chambers of commerce, trade associations, and an insurance trust) and vendors (of fitness facilities, healthy vending machines, fresh produce delivery, weight management services, and tobacco cessation quitlines). Both cautiously...
Systematic review of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of employee assistance programmes
Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are common organisational practice. Recent estimates suggest that over eight million employees in the UK have access to EAP services and between five to ten per cent of those with access will use the services. The constituent services of EAPs vary. However, all tend to deliver a proportion of their services through individual counselling. A range of employee support services is claimed to offer a number of benefits to both employees and employers including improvements in such outcomes as sickness absence and staff turnover, employee psychological well-­...
Étude syndicale sur le suivi médical des travailleurs retraités
La réforme des systèmes de retraite, amorcée dans de nombreux Etats membres de l'UE, obligera probablement des millions de travailleurs européens à travailler bien au-delà de 60 ans. Quelles seront les conséquences de cet allongement des carrières sur la santé des futurs retraités et leur qualité de fin de vie ? Telle est la question traitée dans une étude publiée en avril 2010 par l'Union confédérale des retraités de la CGT (UCR-CGT). Source :
Study suggests ways to improve safety among hard-to-reach, out-of-school young workers
Using youth employment centres for the first time to connect with out-of-school young workers about job safety, a new Institute for Work & Health study shows this hard-to-reach group possesses some basic knowledge of health and safety, yet it still experiences above-average injury rates.

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