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Improving safety climate through a communication and recognition program for construction
A mixed methods study We evaluated the efficacy of a novel safety communication and recognition program (B-SAFE), designed to encourage improvement of physical working conditions and hazard reduction in construction. Using mixed methods, we determined that B-SAFE led to many positive changes, including an improvement in safety climate, awareness, team-building, and communication. The study has important implications for both research and practice. Source: Sparer EH, Catalano PJ, Herrick RF, Dennerlein JT. Scand J Work Environ Health , 2016.
Promoting Healthy Workplaces by Building Cultures of Health and Applying Strategic Communications
Objective: The aim of the study was to identify key success elements of employer-sponsored health promotion (wellness) programs. Methods: We conducted an updated literature review, held discussions with subject matter experts, and visited nine companies with exemplary programs to examine current best and promising practices in workplace health promotion programs. Results: Best practices include establishing a culture of health and using strategic communications. Key elements that contribute to a culture of health are leadership commitment, social and physical environmental support, and employee...
A Review of the Knowledge Base on Healthy Worksite Culture
Objective: To identify the need for worksite cultures of health, the organizational factors that support worksite cultures of health, the tools that have been used to measure worksite cultures of health, and the research needs related to healthy worksite culture. Methods: A cross-sectional survey involving a sample of 500 companies representing a broad spectrum of industries and business sectors. A literature review was conducted. Results: Similar to a culture of safety that encourages safer behaviors and enables a safer workplace, a culture of health provides a supportive work leadership with...
High reliability organisations - A review of the literature
A number of major hazard organisations have been attempting to influence the organisational and safety culture at their sites to transform them into a high reliability organisation (ie organisations that are able to manage and sustain almost error-free performance despite operating in hazardous conditions where the consequences of errors could be catastrophic) with a positive safety culture. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the literature talking about the control of major hazard risks, in particular the philosophies of high reliability organisations, resilience management and...
Stress : les pratiques de prévention de 36 entreprises européennes propose en téléchargement 36 monographies d'entreprises européennes ayant engagé une démarche de prévention du stress au travail. De grandes multinationales sont présentes (Procter and Gamble, DHL, Goodrich, Alstom, ...), mais également des entreprises de taille moyenne. Dans le cadre du projet européen ENWHP, l'ANACT a analysé les plans d'action de 9 grandes entreprises particulièrement actives face aux risques psychosociaux. Un travail comparable a été réalisé dans les...
Working Safe in Aboriginal Communities
Aboriginal enterprises work in a unique political, social and economic context. This research project was designed to assess how that unique context influences the development and implementation of workplace injury prevention programs in Aboriginal enterprises.

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