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Understanding how to improve the management of exposure to wood dust amongst construction sub-contractors and manufacturing SMEs
Literature review Available evidence was reviewed to develop a better understanding of how to improve the management of wood dust exposure in small and medium-sized construction and manufacturing enterprises (SMEs). There was a paucity of research, with most papers exploring the factors that broadly influence health and safety (H&S) management in SMEs. Factors that influence SMEs' behaviours, included: i) limited resources (particularly for small construction and wood working companies), ii) a poor awareness of the importance of ill-health prevention, iii) risk control advice from third...
Improving safety culture through the health and safety organization
INTRODUCTION: International research indicates that internal health and safety organizations (HSO) and health and safety committees (HSC) do not have the intended impact on companies' safety performance. The aim of this case study at an industrial plant was to test whether the HSO can improve company safety culture by creating more and better safety-related interactions both within the HSO and between HSO members and the shop-floor. METHODS: A quasi-experimental single case study design based on action research with both quantitative and qualitative measures was used. INTERVENTION: Based on...
Is it possible to influence safety in the building sector?
A literature review extending from 1980 until the present The available literature on construction safety is not very optimistic about the chances of evidence-based safety in the construction industry exerting a positive influence. Many articles indicate that the structures and processes that are designed to ensure safety in the industry are poor. Safety management systems do not work, or are limited, the business processes executed are fragmentary, it is not clear who is responsible for safety and parties lower in the construction hierarchy tend to be saddled with the consequences. Safety detracts...

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