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Motivation for employees to participate in workplace health promotion : literature review
This report presents the findings of a literature review that identifies the motivating factors for employees to participate in workplace health promotion (WHP). This knowledge can be used to improve WHP programmes and, consequently, participation rates. The findings section of the report is divided into two key areas. The first outlines and describes some of the key findings from the literature concerning workers’ motivation to participate in WHP, and the second examines the role that diversity may play in workers’ participation and recruitment. WHP is the combined efforts of employers...
Effectiveness and implementation of health and safety programs in small enterprises: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative literature
Small businesses have unique challenges with occupational health and safety (OHS). Overall, workers in a small business have a higher risk of workplace injury than workers in large firms, yet both workers and owners may not have a sense of this increased risk. Small businesses are more likely to face financial instability than larger firms. Together, these situations create a challenge in understanding and managing the risk of workplace accidents. This systematic review was conducted to provide an understanding of and guidance on how to implement OHS in small businesses, and to identify effective...

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