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Measuring operational performance of OSH management system
A demonstration of AHP-based selection of leading key performance indicators Occupational safety and health management systems (OSH MSs) have been implemented in numerous enterprises worldwide since the mid-1980s. While stakeholders still have expectations on better prevention of occupational injuries and diseases, and on improving the working conditions, it suggest that new approaches are now needed to ensure OSH MS effectiveness, including development of new methods that would facilitate measurement of OHS MS operational status aimed at the genuine improvement of OSH management practices. A review...
Quality in Prevention – Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Prevention
This final report presents an overview of 12 of the 14 sub-projects that made up the German Social Accident Insurance’s “Quality in Prevention” research project. Social accident insurance is the only part of the German social security system that prioritises prevention, and in doing so reduces human suffering as well as public spending on rehabilitation and compensation. There can be no doubt that the reduction in the number of accidents and occupational diseases as well as the premium stability for the companies are due to the successful prevention work undertaken by the social...

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