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De-escalation techniques for managing non-psychosis induced aggression in adults
Background: Aggression occurs frequently within health and social care settings. It can result in injury to patients and staff and can adversely affect staff performance and well-being. De-escalation is a widely used and recommended intervention for managing aggression, but the efficacy of the intervention as a whole and the specific techniques that comprise it are unclear. Objectives: To assess the effects of de-escalation techniques for managing non-psychosis-induced aggression in adults in care settings, in both staff and service users. Source: Spencer, S., Johnson, P. et Smith, I. C. (2018...
Peer Support and Crisis-Focused Psychological Intervention Programs in Canadian First Responders
Results from a review conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Regina have shown that there is an urgent need for more research on the effectiveness of peer support and crisis-focused psychological intervention programs designed to help First Responders — police, paramedics, and fire and rescue personnel — cope with the trauma often associated with their work. The Blue Paper was published by a research team led by Dr. Shadi Beshai and Dr. R. Nicholas Carleton with the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT). The “operational stressors”...
The Sustainability of an Occupational Skin Cancer Prevention Program
Objective: Sustainability of prevention programs is a public health goal. Methods: The effectiveness of Go Sun Smart, an occupational skin cancer prevention program, was evaluated 5 to 7 years out from the conclusion of a controlled randomized dissemination trial that compared an enhanced versus basic dissemination strategy at 53 ski areas enrolled in the trial. Results: Employees (n?=?2940) at ski areas in the enhanced condition reported fewer sunburns but did not differ from employees in the basic condition on other sun-protection measures. Significant differences for all sun-protection practices...

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