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Addressing Occupational Violence
An overview of conceptual and policy considerations viewed through a gender lens This report reviews the international literature and a selection of regulatory instruments with respect to occupational violence - work-related violence involving incidents in which a person is physically, psychologically or sexually assaulted, threatened, harassed, bullied or mobbed in circumstances relating to their work. This definition covers a broad range of actions and behaviours that can create a risk to the health and safety of employees. This report provides an overview of policy strategies addressing the...
Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE)
Trainees report harassment and assault Little is known about the climate of the scientific fieldwork setting as it relates to gendered experiences, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. We conducted an internet-based survey of field scientists (N?=?666) to characterize these experiences. Codes of conduct and sexual harassment policies were not regularly encountered by respondents, while harassment and assault were commonly experienced by respondents during trainee career stages. Women trainees were the primary targets; their perpetrators were predominantly senior to them professionally within...
Workplace mobbing and bystanders' helping behaviour towards victims
The role of gender, perceived responsibility and anticipated stigma by association We examined victims' perceived responsibility and bystanders' anticipated risk of being victimized themselves when others associate them with the victim (stigma by association, SBA) as possible antecedents of bystanders' helping behaviour towards a victim of workplace mobbing, and explored the effects of gender. Guided by the attribution model of social conduct (Weiner, 2006), a 2 × 2 vignette experiment was conducted. Participants were Dutch regional government employees (N ...
Mixité : et si tout le monde avait à y gagner
Florence Chappert et Karine Babule relèvent un double défi : convaincre les sceptiques de l’intérêt de renforcer la mixité dans l’entreprise et les inciter à l’action. Le guide "La mixité dans l’entreprise" aux éditions de l’ANACT est leur réponse… en 48 pages. Au sommaire : des arguments percutants pour tous les acteurs en entreprise, une démarche innovante et pragmatique, des exemples sur le terrain. Source :
Family life and work
Demographic change and labour market developments impact significantly on the family life and work of Europeans, with far-reaching consequences for the future. The policy approach in this area has in recent years focused on increasing the employment rates of women, finding ways for both men and women to achieve a better work–life balance and, more recently, promoting a rise in birth rates. This report explores the subject of work and family life across Europe, looking at ways to find a better balance between the demands of work and family responsibilities. Based on data from the second European...

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