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Outdoor Light at Night and Breast Cancer Incidence in the Nurses’ Health Study II
Background: Animal and epidemiologic studies suggest that exposure to light at night (LAN) may disrupt circadian patterns and decrease nocturnal secretion of melatonin, which may disturb estrogen regulation, leading to increased breast cancer risk.Objectives: We examined the association between residential outdoor LAN and breast cancer incidence using data from the nationwide U.S.-based Nurses' Health Study II cohort.Methods:We followed 109,672 women from 1989 through 2013. Cumulative LAN exposure was estimated using time-varying satellite data for a composite of persistent nighttime illumination...
Does influence at work modify the relation between high occupational physical activity and risk of heart disease in women?
Purpose: To investigate whether influence at work modifies the association between demanding and strenuous occupational physical activity (OPA) and risk of ischaemic heart disease (IHD). Methods: A sample of 12,093 nurses aged 45–64 years from the Danish Nurse Cohort Study was followed for 20.6 years by individual linkage to incident IHD in the Danish National Patient Registry. Information on OPA, influence at work, other occupational factors and known risk factors for IHD was collected by self-report in 1993. Results: During follow-up 869 nurses were hospitalised with incident IHD. Nurses...
Night shift work and other determinants of estradiol, testosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate among middle-aged nurses and midwives
The study examined the association between rotating night shift work and blood concentrations of selected sex hormones among nurses and midwives. A positive and significant association between the total duration of night shift work and estradiol level observed among postmenopausal women tends to support the hypothesis linking night shift work with increased risk of breast cancer. Source: Juvani A, Oksanen T, Virtanen M, Elovainio M, Salo P, Pentti J, Kivimäki M, Vahtera J. Scand J Work Environ Health , 2016.
A multilevel study on the association of observer-assessed working conditions with depressive symptoms among female eldercare workers from 56 work units in 10 care homes in Denmark
OBJECTIVES: Eldercare workers in Denmark have a higher prevalence of poor psychological health than other occupational groups. We examined the association between working conditions assessed by trained observers and depressive symptoms assessed by self-report in a study of female Danish eldercare workers. METHODS: Working conditions were observed based on action regulation theory and defined as (1) regulation requirements, a workplace resource providing opportunity for decision-making and skill development and (2) barriers for task completion. We examined the associations of individual and work...
Physical Capacity and Risk for Long-Term Sickness Absence
A Prospective Cohort Study Among 8664 Female Health Care Workers Objective: To assess the prospective associations between self-reported physical capacity and risk of long-term sickness absence among female health care workers. Methods: Female health care workers answered a questionnaire about physical capacity and were followed in a national register of sickness absence lasting for two or more consecutive weeks during 1-year follow-up. Using Cox regression hazard ratio analyses adjusted for age, smoking, body mass index, physical workload, job seniority, psychosocial work conditions, and previous...
High occupational physical activity and risk of ischaemic heart disease in women
The interplay with physical activity during leisure time BACKGROUND: Recent studies indicate that physically demanding work is a risk factor for heart disease among men, especially those with low or moderate physical activity during leisure time. Among women, present evidence is inconclusive. DESIGN: The design was a prospective cohort study. METHODS: This investigation in the Danish Nurse Cohort Study included 12,093 female nurses aged 45-64 years, who answered a self-report questionnaire on physical activity at work and during leisure time, known risk factors for ischaemic heart disease (IHD...
Grossesse et travail : au-delà des facteurs de risques pour la santé
Cet article met en lumière les risques pour la santé liés au travail des femmes en abordant la problématique de la conciliation travail-grossesse. Cette analyse adopte comme cadre de référence la division sexuelle du travail (Kergoat, 2004). Cette perspective analytique est rarement intégrée dans les études portant sur la santé des femmes au travail. Le contexte de pénurie de main d'oeuvre qui touche actuellement le Québec en raison du vieillissement de sa population active, et dans certains secteurs en raison...
Circadian gene expression in peripheral blood leukocytes of rotating night shift nurses
Objective : It has been hypothesized that the underlying mechanism of elevated breast cancer risk among long-term, night-working women involves circadian genes expression alteration caused by exposure to light at night and/or irregular work hours. The aim of the present study was to determine the effect of rotating night shift work on expression of selected core circadian genes. Methods : The cross-sectional study was conducted on 184 matched nurses and midwives, who currently work either day or rotating night shifts, to determine the effect of irregular work at night on circadian gene expression...
Bullying at work and onset of a major depressive episode among Danish female eldercare workers
Objective The aim of this study was to analyze whether exposure to workplace bullying among 5701 female employees in the Danish eldercare sector increases the risk of onset of a major depressive episode (MDE). Methods Participants received questionnaires in 2004–2005 and again in 2006–2007. MDE was assessed with the Major Depression Inventory. We examined baseline bullying as a predictor of onset of MDE at follow-up using multiple logistic regression. We further conducted a cross-sectional analysis at the time of follow-up among participants who at baseline were free of bullying, MDE...
La perception des liens travail/santé
Le rôle des normes de genre et de profession La perception des relations entre travail et santé est approchée à partir de deux types de sources, quantitative – l'enquête Sumer – et qualitative – une enquête localisée auprès de soignantes hospitalières et de salariés masculins de la sous-traitance dans l'industrie lourde. Trois grands modèles d'analyse des relations travail/santé sont identifiés : le travail comme facteur délétère mais méconnu, naturalisé...
Health Care’s Reliance on Women Calls for Flexible Work Arrangements
With a work force comprised of 80 percent women and with the potential for future employment shortages, the health care industry must make allowances for workers' lifestyle needs, such as flexible work arrangements, researchers said. Source : Responsive Action Steps for the Health Care and Social Assistance Sector

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