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Gender differences in injuries attributed to workplace violence in Ontario 2002-2015
Objectives: The aim of the study is to compare trends in the incidence of injury resulting from workplace violence for men and women at the population level over the period 2002–2015 among working-age adults in Ontario, Canada. Methods: Administrative records of injury resulting from workplace violence were obtained from two population-based data sources in Ontario: 21 228 lost-time workers' compensation claims (2002–2015) and 13 245 records of non-scheduled emergency department visits (2004–2014), where the main problem was attributed to a workplace violence...
Post-traumatic Reactions and Their Predictors among Workers Who Experienced Serious Violent Acts
Are There Sex Differences? Background: Serious violent acts (e.g. physical violence, robbery, sexual aggression and death threats) are among the most visible and notable examples of workplace violence. Although women are commonly found to be at higher risk for post-traumatic reactions following workplace violence, little is known as regards sex differences concerning the types of post-traumatic reactions and their predictors. Objective: This study aimed to describe sex differences in the post-traumatic reactions of serious violent acts and the predictors of such reactions. Methods: The study was...
Can work be safe, when home isn't?
Initial Findings of a Pan-Canadian Survey on Domestic Violence and the Workplace Canadian employers lose $77.9 million annually due to the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence, and the costs, to individuals, families and society, go far beyond that. However, we know very little about the scope and impacts of this problem in Canada. Source:
Les risques d’exposition à la violence au travail
Une question de sexe Dans le cadre de la Journée de la femme 2014, les chercheurs de l'équipe VISAGE (VIolence au travail selon le Sexe et le GEnre) de l'Institut présentent une revue de la littérature qui constate que les femmes sont davantage victimes d'actes de violence grave au travail que les hommes. Par contre, les victimes d'homicides sont majoritairement des hommes. Cette différence s'explique en partie par le fait que les hommes sont beaucoup plus souvent victimes d'attaques avec une arme. En effet, ils représenteraient...

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