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General self-efficacy and the effect of hospital workplace violence on doctors' stress and job satisfaction in China
OBJECTIVES: This study aims at exploring associations of general self-efficacy (GSE), workplace violence and doctors' work-related attitudes. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this study a cross-sectional survey design was applied. Questionnaires were administrated to 758 doctors working in 9 hospitals of Zhengzhou, Henan province, China, between June and October 2010. General information on age, gender, and years of working was collected, and the doctors' experience and witnessing workplace violence, job satisfaction, job initiative, occupational stress as well as GSE were measured. General linear...
The influence of indirect collective trauma on first responders' alcohol use
Previous research has suggested increased risk for negative outcomes such as increased alcohol use among first responders who are involved with the response to a community disaster; however it is not clear how indirect exposure to a critical incident impacts first responders. This work examined the impact of secondary or indirect trauma on changes in alcohol use among urban firefighters who were not directly involved in the response to a large scale community-level disaster. Firefighters enrolled in larger trial of health outcomes whose interview period coincided with the crash of a commercial...
PTSD and depressive symptoms in 911 telecommunicators
The role of peritraumatic distress and world assumptions in predicting risk Continued exposure to trauma increases risk for both depression and PTSD. This may be particularly true for individuals with work-related exposure to trauma such as 911 telecommunicators, a group with significant exposure to work-related trauma that has received limited empirical attention. The present study examines current symptoms of PTSD and depression in telecommunicators and the extent to which peritraumatic distress and world assumptions interact to predict psychopathology. A sample of 171 911 telecommunicators from...
Une étude Inserm sur le stress au travail des indépendants
Ces dernières années, la connaissance sur les phénomènes de stress au travail concernant les salariés a progressé. Mais qu'en est-il des indépendants, regroupant travailleurs isolés ou chefs de petites entreprises, professions intellectuelles ou manuelles ? L'Inserm dévoile le rapport d'un groupe d'experts. Le régime social des indépendants (RSI), qui assure la couverture maladie et de retraite des artisans et des commerçants, des professions libérales et des chefs d’entreprise indépendants...
Des salariés rassurés sur l'emploi mais inquiets pour les conditions de travail
Un baromètre Ipsos montre un renforcement des préoccupations des salariés à propos de l'évolution des conditions de travail. Sur le stress et la charge de travail, les disparités de perception entre salariés et employeurs sont importantes. Source :

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