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Influences on safe/unsafe practices
Farmers' perspectives The agriculture industry has been identified as a priority area by the HSC/E due its high rate of fatal and major injury accidents (Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy Statement, June 2000). Agriculture has the highest fatal accident rate of any other sector and this rate continues to rise, which is of particular concern in an industry where the workforce is declining year on year. The farmers most at risk are the self-employed, although as with all areas of industry small businesses are particularly hard for the HSE to target through the usual contact methods such...
Understanding and influencing farmers’ attitudes
Agriculture, of all UK industries, has the highest rate of fatal accidents. This study has examined farmers' attitudes, and the underlying influences, to identify how these might be changed to help improve safety in the industry. A literature review showed that people's perceptions of risk are influenced by social, cultural and group processes but no studies look specifically at perceptions of risk and attitudes to safety among farmers.

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