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Leading indicators of construction safety performance
The concept of using leading indicators of safety performance is introduced with a clear contrast given with lagging indicators. Leading indicators of safety performance are measures of the safety process as it applies to construction work, while lagging indicators pertain to the safety results, namely the extent of the occurrence of worker injuries. Leading indicators consist of both passive as well as active measures. Passive measures are those which can be predictive over an extended period of time while active measures are those which can initiate corrective steps in a short period of time...
Determining safety inspection thresholds for employee incentives programs on construction sites
The goal of this project was to evaluate approaches of determining the numerical value of a safety inspection score that would activate a reward in an employee safety incentive program. Safety inspections are a reflection of the physical working conditions at a construction site and provide a safety score that can be used in incentive programs to reward workers. Yet it is unclear what level of safety should be used when implementing this kind of program. This study explored five ways of grouping safety inspection data collected during 19 months at Harvard University-owned construction projects...
Pre-conditioning for success: Characteristics and factors ensuring a safe build for the Olympic Park
This research has looked to identify factors which have contributed to the London 2012 Olympic Park being delivered on time, on budget and with an exemplary health and safety record. Where other research has captured 'how' things were done, this research has explored 'why' and focused on the underpinning human and organisational interactions. The research has tapped in to the close-out and lessons learnt activities for six of the venue and infrastructure projects. In addition interviews were conducted with executives from the Olympic Delivery Authority as client, their Delivery...
Safety, incentives, and the reporting of work-related injuries among union carpenters
"You're pretty much screwed if you get hurt at work" Background: In the high-risk construction industry little is known about the prevalence or effects of programs offering rewards for workers and/or their supervisors for improved safety records or those that punish workers in some way for injury. Methods : We conducted an anonymous survey of 1,020 carpenter apprentices in three union training programs to document prevalence of their exposure to such efforts. We explored associations between perceptions of the reporting of work-related injury and elements of these programs. Results...
Espagne : les jeunes ouvriers de la construction, principales victimes des accidents mortels du travail
Les autorités de la Communauté autonome de Castille-La Manche (centre de l'Espagne) viennent de publier un rapport qui analyse la cause des accidents du travail mortels qui se sont produits dans cette région d'Espagne entre 2005 et 2007. L'analyse porte sur 90 cas. Elle permet de mieux comprendre les causes qui contribuent à ces accidents. Différents groupes de causes ont été identifiés. Les deux groupes de causes qui contribuent le plus aux accidents mortels sont l'organisation du travail et une mauvaise gestion de la prévention...

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