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Leadership and Occupational Safety and Health: case studies and literature review
This report examines how good leadership practices can promote better occupational safety and health (OSH) behaviour amongst employees. It considers what are the necessary corporate leadership factors on which success depends. It does so by reviewing existing literature on OSH leadership. It also examines 16 detailed case studies from companies across the EU highlighting good practice, the type of activities that deliver achievements, innovative approaches, success factors and the role of stakeholders. In this report recommendations for improving OSH leadership are also made and explored. Source...
Employer Perceptions of Stress and Resilience Intervention
Objective : To understand employers' perceived organizational strengths in addressing stress and resilience-building to help expand theoretical knowledge and guide interventions. Methods : Interviews and discussion groups with 46 employer representatives using grounded theory methodology for sampling and analysis of narrative data. Results : Participants detailed three levels of approaches: (1) preventing stress/building resilience; (2) providing information, resources, and benefits to employees; and (3) intervening actively with troubled employees. Preventing stress through trusting work relationships...

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