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Do Working Hours Affect Health? Evidence from Statutory Workweek Regulations in Germany
This study estimates the causal effect of working hours on health. We deal with the endogeneity of working hours through instrumental variables techniques. In particular, we exploit exogenous variation in working hours from statutory workweek regulations in the German public sector as an instrumental variable. Using panel data, we run two-stage least squares regressions controlling for individual-specific unobserved heterogeneity. We find adverse consequences of increasing working hours on subjective and several objective health measures. The effects are mainly driven by women and parents of minor...
Worsening Workers' Health by Lowering Retirement Age: The Malign Consequences of a Benign Reform
In 2003, the retirement age of Swiss construction workers was lowered from 65 to 60. This reform has been intended to improve their health. Our study shows the opposite outcome. The human capital theory suggests that investments in employees’ productivity by the employer and the employees themselves depend on the time remaining until their retirement. Hence, we hypothesize that pension reforms that reduce employees’ working horizon decrease investments in work-related human capital, which translates into a higher prevalence of sickness absences, a longer absence duration, and worse...
Réglementer l’incidence sur la santé et la sécurité au travail de l’économie des plateformes en ligne
L'essor de l'économie en ligne constitue un défi pour la santé et la sécurité au travail (SST). Le travail sur des plateformes en ligne — c'est-à-dire assuré par l'intermédiaire, sur ou au moyen de plateformes en ligne — est caractérisé par une large gamme de formules de travail, y compris le travail occasionnel, le travail indépendant économiquement dépendant, le travail à la tâche, le télétravail et le «crowdwork». Le présent rapport...
Les travailleurs invisibles
Les risques pour la santé des travailleurs des agences de location de personnel La croissance du marché de l'emploi atypique contribue à la précarisation des conditions de vie et de travail d'un nombre important de travailleurs. Bien que toutes les formes d'emploi atypique ne soient pas nécessairement précaires, elles offrent généralement une moins bonne protection sociale et des salaires moins élevés. Le travail par l'intermédiaire des agences de location de personnel, une forme d'emploi atypique,...
Working to rule, or working safely? Part 1: A state of the art review
The paper reviews the literature from 1986 on the management of those safety rules and procedures which relate to the workplace level in organisations. It contrasts two different paradigms of how rules and their development and use are perceived and managed. The first is a top-down classical, rational approach in which rules are seen as static, comprehensive limits of freedom of choice, imposed on operators at the sharp end and violations are seen as negative behaviour to be suppressed. The second is a bottom-up constructivist view of rules as dynamic, local, situated constructions of operators...
The economics of health and safety at work: an interdiciplinary review of the theory and policy
This paper engages in an interdisciplinary survey of the current state of knowledge related to the theory, determinants and consequences of occupational safety and health (OSH). It first describes the fundamental theoretical construct of compensating wage differentials, which is used by economists to understand the optimal provision of OSH in a perfectly competitive labour market. The plethora of incentives faced by workers and firms in job and insurance markets that determine the ultimate level of OSH are discussed in detail. The extensive empirical evidence from the hedonic wage and stated choice...
Recommandations pour la surveillance médicoprofessionnelle des travailleurs postés et/ou de nuit
Les recommandations de bonne pratique (RBP) sont définies dans le champ de la santé comme des propositions développées pour aider le praticien et le patient à rechercher les soins les plus appropriés dans des circonstances cliniques données. Elles sont le résultat de synthèses de l'état de l'art et des données de la science à un temps donné. Concernant le travail posté et/ou de nuit, le bénéfice escompté de ces RBP est l'amélioration et l'harmonisation de...
An Evaluation of the Impact of the WorkSafeNB Focus Firms Intervention on reported Safety Behaviour and Injury Outcomes
WorkSafe New Brunswick implemented the Focus Firms initiative in 2002 to reduce workplace injuries and build health and safety infrastructure in workplaces with poor safety records. The study evaluated the impact of the Focus Firms Initiative on safety performance at participating firms. Source :
Prevention is the Best Medicine
Prevention is the Best Medicine is a toolkit designed for settlement agencies and others to teach newcomers to Ontario about (1) occupational health and safety (OHS), and (2) workers' compensation. The toolkit contains everything needed to deliver instructional sessions on these two separate, but related, topics within an Ontario context. Included are sample lesson plans and slide show presentations for workshop leaders, as well as handouts for participating newcomers. Source :
Avantages retraite en faveur des travailleurs exposés à l'amiante - L'expérience italienne
La note décrit de manière précise le dispositif italien de retraite anticipée destiné aux travailleurs de l'amiante. Source :
Posted workers in the European Union
This report examines the extent of the phenomenon of the posting of workers, the roles played both by European and national-level legislation in determining the employment and working conditions of posted workers and the roles played by legislation and collective bargaining – and how these two domains interplay. The report is in part an update of earlier work carried out in 2003 by Eurofound into the issue – not least, updating the findings with data from the new Member States, which had not joined the Union at that time. Importantly, the research looks at the possible implications...
Workplace mental injury creating 'perfect legal storm', report says
Financial rewards for damages caused by mental injury at work have increased over the past five years by as much as 700 per cent, according to a report released today by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). The report warns that a “perfect legal storm” is brewing in the area of mental health protection at work, and points to emerging responsibilities for employers to provide a psychologically safe workplace. October is Canada's Healthy Workplace Month and next week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. The report entitled, Tracking the Perfect Legal Storm (2010), concludes...
RPS : le dispositif conventionnel complété par un accord sur le harcèlement et la violence au travail
Les partenaires sociaux sont parvenus le 26 mars dernier à un accord sur le harcèlement et la violence au travail. S'il s'appuie sur les définitions proposées par l'accord européen, le texte français va cependant parfois plus loin, en établissant un lien potentiel entre le stress lié à des facteurs tenant à l'organisation du travail et au management et les phénomènes de harcèlement et violence, ou encore en insistant sur les mesures de protection collective. Source :
Work-Related Well-Being among Finnish Dentists 2003-2010
Oral health care has been subject to significant legislative reforms in the 21st century. The 2002 Dental Care Reform and the 2005 Care Guarantee have had an effect on the working conditions and well-being of both public and private sector dentists. It is necessary to understand the resources and solutions available for dentists and other oral health care professionals to adapt to changes in their occupation, stay well and healthy and continue their work successfully. Source :
Telework in the European Union
Today, a growing number of employees are able to work remotely, away from their employer's premises, through the use of computer networks and telecommunications – a phenomenon defined as ‘telework'. Given the growth of this phenomenon across the European Union (EU), it is not surprising that the rights and working conditions of those engaged in telework have begun to attract increased attention – both from a regulatory point of view and in terms of policy documents issued by the peak social partners and the European Commission to examine the regulation of telework in the...
Health Care Reform and the Health of Performing Artists in the US
Abstract: Health care in the United States is beset by three critical problems: cost, quality, and coverage. We have by far the most expensive health care in the world, spending about 17% of our Gross Domestic Product, or over $7,000/person; most other developed countries spend about 8 to 10% of their GDP on health care. Despite spending that much money, the health status of Americans is far from the best in the world. Underlying both problems is the fact that over 15% of the US population does not have health insurance,5 which means they do not have access to health care when it can be delivered...

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