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Have mobile devices changed working patterns in the 21st century?
A time-diary analysis of work extension in the UK It is commonly claimed that ubiquitous connectivity erodes the boundaries that once separated work from other aspects of life. Mobile devices in particular enable people to perform work-related activities anytime anywhere. Surprisingly, however, we know little about how people nationwide organise their daily working time over a period that has witnessed rapid technological change. Using the United Kingdom Time Use Surveys 2000 and 2015, covering this period of technological change, we studied work extension practices, and the links between work...
Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work
This report considers the impact of telework/ICT-mobile work on the world of work. It synthesises research carried out by Eurofound’s network of European correspondents and ILO country experts. Source:
The future of work: crowdsourcing
The development of technology has expanded the possibility for ‘relocating' work out of a traditional workplaces and entirely new forms of work organisation have emerged. Crowdsourcing - paid work organised through online labour exchanges - is one of these new work patterns. This article describes the main risks that can result from the vast range of tasks carried out by crowd workers. The rapid growth of this area of work has also created considerable challenges, and some examples of unresolved issues are discussed. Source:
Intermittents du spectacle et assurance-chômage
Retour sur un diagnostic convenu (1980-2003) Le système d'indemnisation-chômage des intermittents du spectacle est régulièrement présenté comme intrinsèquement déséquilibré. En favorisant la précarisation des emplois et la baisse des salaires, il provoquerait un recours toujours plus accentué à l'indemnisation, alimentant un déficit toujours plus important. Une analyse des données portant sur les années 1980 à 2003 révèle que le constat d'une baisse des...
Wellbeing and work: Future challenges
The aim of the Project is to advise the Government and the private sector on how to achieve the best possible mental development and mental wellbeing for everyone in the UK in the future. Capital/Wellbeing_and_work.pdf

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