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Live Theatre and Events Industry Survey 2018
Late in 2017, elected MEAA entertainment, crew, and sport representatives from across the live theatre and events industry decided to join together to build an industry-wide campaign to improve members' working lives across the sector. The first step is this survey. The survey provides a snapshot of the wages, conditions, and health and safety standards that crew, technical, front-of-house, and events workers in live theatre and venues are faced with every day. Some parts of the survey were developed in response to the 2017 Sexual Harassment in Live Theatre survey conducted by MEAA Equity,...
Working conditions of professional athletes
Professional athletes in Europe rarely have the benefit of collective agreements or social dialogue to help establish good basic working conditions and some form of employment protection. A study prepared by the sector's social partners, UNI Europa Sport Pro and EU Athletes, says that many have no formal employment contract at all, and lack of insurance or pension provision is all too common. In its conclusion, the social partners call on the European Commission to foster encourage social dialogue in the sector. Source :
Work-related injury and ill-health among mountain instructors in the UK
In most industrialised countries, work-related injury and ill-health presents a major burden to society. Musculoskeletal disorders and stress are the most common reported illness types with those working in some industries more at risk than others. This study aimed to understand the occupational health issues of those working as mountain instructors in the outdoor sector within the UK and to identify the cultural norms and behaviours among this unique occupational group which influence health. Semi-structured, telephone interviews were conducted with 20 qualified mountaineers to gain information...
Intermittents du spectacle et assurance-chômage
Retour sur un diagnostic convenu (1980-2003) Le système d'indemnisation-chômage des intermittents du spectacle est régulièrement présenté comme intrinsèquement déséquilibré. En favorisant la précarisation des emplois et la baisse des salaires, il provoquerait un recours toujours plus accentué à l'indemnisation, alimentant un déficit toujours plus important. Une analyse des données portant sur les années 1980 à 2003 révèle que le constat d'une baisse des...
The stability of tallescopes
The primary aim of this project sponsored by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was to establish whether it could be considered a tolerable practice to move an occupied tallescope, in a theatre environment, for the task of focusing luminaires. This involves moving along a single lighting bar from which a number of luminaires are suspended, focussing each luminaire in turn, once all lights on this bar have been set-up the same process is repeated on the remaining lighting bars. Source :
Newly founded association addresses OSH risks to musicians
Austrian Society for Music and Medicine (Medicine, Physiology, Psychology for musicians) (OEGfMM) The Austrian Society for Music and Medicine (Medicine, Physiology, Psychology for musicians) (OEGfMM) supports research, knowledge, theory, techniques in context with interdisciplinary interests of the various genres: Music, Medicine, Physiology and Psychology. Especially help for physical and psychological diseases of musicians will be taken into account. This should include improvement of prevention, diagnoses and therapies. Source :
Un quart de siècle de précarisation et d’explosion des déficits ?
Retour sur une théorie discutable à propos des intermittents du spectacle (1980‐2003) Ce document de travail fait le bilan des connaissances sur l’évolution de l’emploi, des salaires et de l’indemnisation du chômage des intermittents du spectacle de 1980 à 2003. En reprenant les données statistiques publiées par différentes sources de la manière la plus exhaustive possible, et en les confrontant entre elles, il apparaît que le diagnostic souvent émis – selon lequel les intermittents connaissent une...
Health Care Reform and the Health of Performing Artists in the US
Abstract: Health care in the United States is beset by three critical problems: cost, quality, and coverage. We have by far the most expensive health care in the world, spending about 17% of our Gross Domestic Product, or over $7,000/person; most other developed countries spend about 8 to 10% of their GDP on health care. Despite spending that much money, the health status of Americans is far from the best in the world. Underlying both problems is the fact that over 15% of the US population does not have health insurance,5 which means they do not have access to health care when it can be delivered...
Rock musicians’ work is heavy
The study indicated that the work of the Apulanta musicians could be classified as one with considerable strain – escalating to heavy strain during certain stages of the performance. The study is the first Finnish scientific study to measure the physical strain of a rock musician's work. Pour en savoir plus :

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