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Workplace bullying among healthcare professionals in Sweden: a descriptive study
Workplace bullying is a taboo event which occurs worldwide, although the prevalence varies significantly between and within countries. Nurses have been regarded an occupational risk group for bullying at the work place. Bullying in health and social care contexts is sometimes reported as frequent and, other times, as not occurring, which sparked our interest in mapping the occurrence of bullying in the health and social care system in Sweden. Thus, the purpose of the study was to examine the prevalence of bullying, and to discuss cultural traditions and environmental factors that affect bullying...
Organizational Determinants of Workplace Violence Against Hospital Workers
Objective: To identify organizational factors contributing to workplace violence in hospitals. Methods: A questionnaire survey was conducted in 2013 among employees in a Midwestern hospital system (n = 446 respondents). Questions concerned employees' experiences of violence at work in the previous year and perceptions of the organizational safety climate. Logistic regressions examined staff interaction and safety climate factors associated with verbal and physical violence, respectively. Results: Interpersonal conflict was a risk factor for verbal violence (OR 1.49, 95% CI 1.04 to 2.12, P <...
Violence towards Emergency Nurses
The Italian National Survey 2016: A qualitative study Introduction: Physical and verbal aggression against health professionals, particularly nurses, is globally serious and widespread, with the most vulnerable being nurses working in the Accident and Emergency Department. Most international research into this issue focused on quantifying aggression, describing its nature, identifying perpetrators, stratifying risk and implementing preventive or mitigating interventions. Few studies investigated the nurses' subjective perceptions. As part of the 2016 Italian National Survey on Violence against...
Preventing workplace violence in the health care sector
Workplace violence in our health care sector is a growing matter that we are committed to addressing. We've seen a concerning increase in the frequency and severity of incidents of workplace violence in our hospitals, mainly experienced by nurses. Nurses play an integral role in providing care to patients in our hospitals and, because of their level of interaction with patients, they are the primary victims of workplace violence. That is unacceptable. Every worker in Ontario should expect a safe and healthy workplace. Source:
Violence au travail
Sondage dans trois secteurs professionnels Entre janvier 2011 et octobre 2012, l'équipe a mené une étude réalisée sous la forme d'un sondage Internet auprès de 2889 travailleurs des secteurs des affaires municipales, des affaires provinciales et de la santé et des services sociaux. Les travailleurs de ces trois secteurs professionnels courent un risque particulièrement élevé d'être victimes ou témoins d'actes de violence grave. Le sondage portait sur les actes de violence dont les travailleurs auraient...

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