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Taking risks and survival jobs
Foreign-born workers and work-related injuries in Australia Higher rates of work-related injuries (WRI) have been reported among foreign-born workers in many countries, but little is known about the situation in Australia, which initially had large waves of European followed by Asian migration and where the recruitment of skilled migrants has dominated recently. The aim of the study was to examine WRI among foreign-born workers in Australia. This was a two phase mixed methods study. The first stage used the 2005/6 and 2009/10 Australian national Multi-Purpose Household Survey (MPHS) information...
Occupational injury and work organization among immigrant Latino residential construction workers
BACKGROUND: Rates of occupational injury among immigrant workers are widely believed to be underestimated. The goal of this study was to enhance understanding of the burden of occupational injury and the work organization factors underlying injury among immigrant Latino residential construction workers. METHODS: Prospective data were obtained from a community-based sample of Latino residential construction workers (N = 107) over a 3-month period. RESULTS: Twenty-eight participants were injured, resulting in an injury incidence rate of 55.0/100 FTE (95% CI = 41.4-71.6...
Prevention is the Best Medicine
Prevention is the Best Medicine is a toolkit designed for settlement agencies and others to teach newcomers to Ontario about (1) occupational health and safety (OHS), and (2) workers' compensation. The toolkit contains everything needed to deliver instructional sessions on these two separate, but related, topics within an Ontario context. Included are sample lesson plans and slide show presentations for workshop leaders, as well as handouts for participating newcomers. Source :
A Disposable Work Force: Farm Worker Advocates Push for Agricultural Worker Protections
A new report published by the advocacy organization Farmworker Justice criticizes the H-2A temporary guest work visa program, claiming it makes agricultural workers vulnerable to poor working conditions. Farm worker advocates argue that to improve these conditions, foreign agricultural workers should be able to seek legal immigration status. The report, “No Way To Treat a Guest: Why the H-2A Agricultural Visa Program Fails U.S. and Foreign Workers,” outlines why this visa system, which “allows agricultural employers to hire foreign guest workers on temporary work visas to fill...
Inquiry into recruitment and employment in the meat and poultry processing sector
Report of the findings and recommendations In October 2008, the Commission launched an inquiry into recruitment and employment in the meat and poultry processing sector in England and Wales. We wanted to examine how the people working in this industry are recruited, and how they are treated once they are at work. This would help us to identify practices that inhibit equality and damage relations between different nationalities and types of worker, and barriers that prevent progress. It would also allow us to make recommendations to overcome these issues by drawing on current good practice in the...
Présentation de l'Eurofound devant le Parlement Européen
With the title of ‘Living and Working in Europe’ , the exhibition will draw on Eurofound research to provide a range of materials that will give the latest information in relation to what it actually means to live and work in Europe today. Equally importantly, the week’s events will reinforce the strong ties that Eurofound enjoys with the Parliament and will enable MEPs, their assistants and the staff of political Groups and Committees to speak to Eurofound staff directly about their own areas of interest and to obtain relevant input from an independent research perspective. A...

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