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Roles of age, length of service and job in work-related injury: A prospective study of 63,620 person-years in female workers.
Background The roles of age, length of service and job in various work-related injury types are unknown and deserve investigations among female workers. This study assessed their roles in the occurrence of injury. Methods Three-year prospective study of all 22,952 permanently employed women at the French national railway company: 63,620 person-years, 756 injuries with working days lost, coded using the company's injury classification derived from that of the French health insurance scheme. We investigated the incidence of four types of injury: fall on same level, fall to lower level, materials...
Flexicurity: Actions at Company Level
The aim of flexicurity is to improve employment opportunities for workers, while at the same time increasing flexibility, enabling organisations to adapt their operations and employment levels to business needs. The past few years have, however, been particularly challenging for European labour markets: the recent financial crisis and recession have had an inevitable negative impact on EU labour markets and unemployment levels. This has called into question the effectiveness of the flexicurity strategy in terms of supporting vulnerable workers. Eurofound research in six EU Member States analysed...
Les transformations des parcours d’emploi et de travail au fil des générations
Lorsqu'on les interroge sur leur passé professionnel, les générations les plus récentes retracent des parcours moins stables que les plus anciennes. En 2006, l'expérience du chômage concernait près d'un individu sur deux pour les générations nées après 1960, alors qu'elle était beaucoup moins fréquente pour les générations antérieures dont les carrières professionnelles étaient pourtant plus longues. Les nouvelles générations sont plus diplômées...

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