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A meta-analysis of the relationship between ageing and occupational safety and health
Existing studies show contradictory evidence on the relationship between ageing and occupational safety and health (OSH). The present study presents a systematic review of international research on age-related occupational accident risks for the last 30?years using meta-analysis technique. A summary of odds ratios on occupational risk incidence of older workers versus younger workers were grouped by outcome of occupational accidents. Potential moderators that could influence the relationship of ageing and OSH were analysed. Results showed that older workers are more vulnerable than younger workers...
Health warning for employers: Supporting older workers with health conditions
Research shows that employers are not properly supporting older workers experiencing long-term physical and mental health conditions. As the number of working age people with long-term health conditions rises, Government and employers need to improve workplaces and support systems to help people to manage their health conditions and continue to work. The report was based on research with over 1,000 people who are managing a health condition at work. It found that older workers are more likely than younger workers to be managing multiple long-term conditions and that health conditions are the main...
Extending working life: What do workers want?
In the context of moves to raise the legal retirement age in many EU Member States, this article explores the views of workers about the issue of extending working life. It highlights differences in the share of workers regarding the age they would like to work to and the ability to work until 60 in terms of employment status, gender and country. It also presents the views of social partners on the subject, with trade unions in most Member States opposing the extension of working life through raising the pension age and employer organisations being generally in favour of this. Source: https://www...
Work-related health risks in Europe: Are older workers more vulnerable?
Recent policy reforms in a number of countries are extending working lives and deferring the statutory retirement age. Yet such changes may have profound implications for the well-being of older workers if such individuals are more likely to suffer work-related health problems. Using international data from the European Working Conditions Survey for 2005, we test whether older workers (aged 55–65 years) differ significantly from younger workers across a range of self-reported job-related indicators including health risk perception, mental and physical health, sickness absence, injury and...
Role of governments and social partners in keeping older workers in the labour market
Ce rapport examine les initiatives nationales et sectorielles adoptées par les gouvernements et les partenaires sociaux en Europe, afin de maintenir les travailleurs âgés sur le marché de l’emploi. Il se fonde essentiellement sur les contributions de 28 correspondants nationaux de l’Observatoire européen des relations industrielles (EIRO) et examine les initiatives et les mesures introduites pour améliorer les conditions de travail, la santé et le cadre de travail des travailleurs, ainsi que la formation et l’employabilité...
Socioeconomic position, psychosocial work environment and disability in an ageing workforce: a longitudinal analysis of SHARE data from 11 European countries
Objectives Prevention of disability in the ageing workforce is essential for sustaining economic growth in Europe. In order to provide information on entry points for preventive measures, it is important to better understand sociodemographic, socioeconomic and work-related determinants of disability in older employees. We aimed to test the hypothesis that low socioeconomic position and exposure to a stressful psychosocial work environment at baseline contribute to later disability. We further assumed that the association of socioeconomic position with disability is partly mediated by exposure to...
Eurofound publishes a study on sustainable work and the ageing workforce
A new study of Eurofound, based on the fifth European Working Conditions Survey, examines the ways older workers perceive the sustainability of their work, taking account of differences between workers in terms of age, occupation and gender. In addition, the working conditions of the ageing workforce across Member States of the European Union are compared. Source :
Situation personnelle et professionnelle des travailleurs québécois âgés de 50 ans et plus et intentions à l’égard de la retraite
Cette étude a pour objectif de tracer un portrait de la situation personnelle et professionnelle des travailleurs québécois âgés de 50 ans et plus. Plus particulièrement, elle analyse trois grandes dimensions, à savoir l’état de santé de ces travailleurs, le stress au travail de ce groupe de même que leur satisfaction à l’égard de l’emploi occupé en 2008. Ces éléments sont fort pertinents dans tout le débat entourant le prolongement de la vie active. Ce rapport comprend...
A worksite vitality intervention to improve older workers' lifestyle and vitality-related outcomes: results of a randomised controlled trial
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of a worksite vitality intervention on vigorous physical activity (VPA), fruit intake, aerobic capacity, mental health and need for recovery after work among older hospital workers (ie, 45 years and older). Methods: The 6-month intervention was evaluated using a randomised controlled trial design. Workers who were randomised to the intervention group (n=367; control: n=363) received the Vital@Work intervention containing (1) a Vitality Exercise Program (VEP) combined with (2) three visits to Personal Vitality Coach. The VEP consisted of a weekly yoga session...
Qualité du travail et de l’emploi en Belgique, Enquête européenne sur les conditions de travail - 2012
Analyse des résultats belges de l'enquête européenne sur les conditions de travail (Eurofound, EWCS 2010). Un consortium de chercheurs belges a été contacté pour élaborer un rapport ciblé particulièrement sur la qualité du travail et de l’emploi en Belgique, sur la base des informations recueillies par le biais de l’EECT belge en 2010 sur 4000 travailleurs. Une convention a été signée entre la Belgique et Eurofound (Fondation européenne pour l'amélioration des conditions de...
Less than half of Europeans concerned about the ageing population, EU survey shows
Workplace age discrimination is the most widespread form of age discrimination with one in five citizens having personally experienced or witnessed it. This is a finding of a new Eurobarometer survey presented by the Commission to mark the start of the 2012 European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity of Generations. Source :

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