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Health and safety and the aging workforce
The population is aging in Canada and in the rest of the world. Death rates continue to fall and, as a result, life expectancy is increasing. Moreover, fertility rates are low in Western countries—where they are below replacement—and falling elsewhere in the world. These two phenomena are leading to a change in the age structure of the population, with projections forecasting that the proportion of the population over 65 will rise substantially. Concerns about the viability of social programs have prompted governments to encourage workers to remain in the workforce. What will persuade...
Flexicurity: Actions at Company Level
The aim of flexicurity is to improve employment opportunities for workers, while at the same time increasing flexibility, enabling organisations to adapt their operations and employment levels to business needs. The past few years have, however, been particularly challenging for European labour markets: the recent financial crisis and recession have had an inevitable negative impact on EU labour markets and unemployment levels. This has called into question the effectiveness of the flexicurity strategy in terms of supporting vulnerable workers. Eurofound research in six EU Member States analysed...
Impact de la récession sur les politiques de gestion des âges
L'étude Eurofound sur les restructurations en période de récession et la participation au marché du travail (Restructuring in recession and labour force participation) a examiné les pratiques des entreprises en matière de gestion des âges, à la lueur des restructurations réalisées pendant la récession. Cette étude portait sur les politiques liées au maintien dans l'emploi des travailleurs plus âgés (50 ans et plus) au niveau national et à celui des établissements, dans neuf...

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