Occupational Health and the Performing Arts: An Introduction

Objective: Workplace hazards in the performing arts cause injuries, disabilities, and deaths every year. Occupational health professionals are familiar with most of these hazards and are particularly qualified to contribute to efforts to reduce them. This article reviews current health issues in the performing arts and highlights opportunities for occupational health contributions.
Methods: Recognized experts in performing arts medicine were consulted and articles illustrating performing arts health issues were reviewed. Literature sources included medical databases, unindexed art-health publications, and popular press articles.
Results: Resources discussing hazards and health issues in theater, dance, voice, and instrumental musicians were located and reviewed.
Conclusions: Treatment providers have a history of involvement with segments of the performing arts. The occupational health approach to workplace health issues can effectively complement these efforts. Sources of further information on performing arts health concerns are available.

Source: Hinkamp, D., Morton, J., Krasnow, D. H., Wilmerding, M. V., Dawson, W. J., Stewart, M. G., ... et McCann, M. (2017). Journal of occupational and environmental medicine, 59(9), 843-858.

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