NFPA 350: Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work

1.1  Scope

1.1.1  This guide provides information to protect workers from confined space hazards.
1.1.2  This  guide  supplements  existing confined space regulations, standards, and work practices by  providing  additional guidance  for  safe confined space entry  and  work.  References are  provided  throughout the  guide and annexes to  direct  the reader to other regulations and standards or other content that might be applicable.
1.1.3  This guide provides information to identify, evaluate, assess, and then eliminate, mitigate, or control hazards that are present  or that may occur during  entry into or work  in  and around confined spaces.                  1.1.4 This  guide  provides  information  on  how  to  understand confined space safety and safeguard personnel from fire, explosion, and other health hazards that are uniquely associated with confined spaces.
1.1.5 This guide provides information regarding training, qualifications, and competencies required for personnel responsible  for confined space  hazard identification, hazard evaluation, and hazard control for personnel who work in and around confined spaces.
1.1.6 This guide provides information on confined space rescue best practices.

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