The evolution of the OHS profession in New Zealand

This article examines the evolution of the OHS profession in Aotearoa New Zealand (hereafter New Zealand) and we argue that development of a profession cannot be considered in isolation at one moment in time. We show that an occupational group develops as a result of historical contextual issues that shape how stakeholders perceive the need for, status, and role of that group, and whether it should be seen as a distinct trade or a profession. We also provide a working definition of “a profession” and outline the early development of New Zealand’s generalist OHS professions in New Zealand. We conclude with a discussion of the key themes and future challenges facing the OHS profession in New Zealand. We commence, however, with a brief explanation of the methodology applied in this exercise.

Source: Peace, C., Lamm, F., Dearsly, G. et Parkes, H. (2019). Safety Science, 120, 254-262.

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