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Santé au travail : vers une meilleure prise en compte de la poly-exposition
De par leurs métiers, les travailleurs sont susceptibles d'être exposés à de multiples facteurs de risques sanitaires. La question de la poly-exposition représente un défi majeur pour l'ensemble des acteurs de la sécurité sanitaire et de la prévention en matière de santé au travail. Dans le cadre du Plan Santé au Travail 2016-2020, est publié ce jour un état des lieux des actions menées par les principaux acteurs sur la question de la poly-exposition en France et à l'international...
Respiratory Hazards for Latino Horse Farm Workers
With the upcoming Belmont Stakes and the possibility of a Triple Crown winner, all eyes are on the world of horse racing. These races are the culmination of years of work far from the glory of the grand stage of horse racing. What is not seen on this grand stage is that there are many workplace safety and health risks faced by the workers who help get the horses to this level of competition. A recent article in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, “Individual and Occupational Characteristics Associated with Respiratory Symptoms among Latino Horse Farm Workers”, documents these...
Protecting Workers from Ebola: Eight Knowledge Generation Priorities
On November 3, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council of the National Academies convened a workshop of distinguished representatives from the public and private sectors. The participants were asked to suggest priorities for research that will “provide public health officials, healthcare providers, and the general public with the most up-to-date information about transmission, health risks, and measures that should be taken to prevent spread of [Ebola virus disease] in the U.S.” NIOSH was pleased to contribute to this dialogue, specifically by addressing issues critical...

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