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Food and agriculture global value chains: Drivers and constraints for occupational safety and health improvement
The project aimed to gather evidence on ways to approach OSH within the global supply chains (GSC) discussion and possible entry points to build intervention models for the improvement of OSH in GSCs. From that perspective, the project sought to understand the dynamics at play in GSCs with a view to identifying drivers and constraints for OSH improvements, should these lie within specific business relationships in the supply chain or within institutional and policy environments in sourcing and consumer countries. Source:
Portail de veille sur les conditions de travail
Qualité de vie au travail, management, prévention des risques, dialogue social, risques psychosociaux, organisation du travail, transformation numérique, égalité professionnelle, articulation des temps, santé au travail, ce portail de veille recense plus de 50000 références. Le portail est organisé en 3 rubriques : •Notre sélection : une sélection d'ouvrages récents •Dossier : des dossiers consacrés à des sujets émergents réalisés par des experts •Lu pour vous...
Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario
Major Workplace Carcinogens and Prevention of Exposure The report presents estimates of occupational exposure and the associated burden of cancer by industry, as well as exposure reduction strategies for the most common occupational carcinogens in Ontario. A major feature of the report is the evidence-based policy recommendations directed at government, Ontario’s occupational health and safety system, employers and non-governmental organizations. Source:
Effects of organizational safety practices and perceived safety climate on PPE usage, engineering controls, and adverse events involving liquid antineoplastic drugs among nurses
Antineoplastic drugs pose risks to the healthcare workers who handle them. This fact notwithstanding, adherence to safe handling guidelines remains inconsistent and often poor. This study examined the effects of pertinent organizational safety practices and perceived safety climate on the use of personal protective equipment, engineering controls, and adverse events (spill/leak or skin contact) involving liquid antineoplastic drugs. Data for this study came from the 2011 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Health and Safety Practices Survey of Healthcare Workers which...

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