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Workers continue to pay high price for exercising OHS rights, study Employer reprisals against workers attempting to exercise their health and safety rights remains a top concern according to a new, soon-to-be published study.
Employer reprisals against workers attempting to exercise their health and safety rights remains a top concern according to a new, soon-to-be published study. Despite a few improvements to the complaints process some eight years ago, workers are still being fired illegally for exercising health and safety rights, rarely do they get their jobs back, and rarer still do employers suffer legal consequences. "What we heard is a pretty strong indication the system designed to protect workers who advocate for safer, healthier work is broken,” says Andy King, McMaster University-based researcher...
Regulated working at heights training works and needed: studies
Special Report Two recently released Ontario studies demonstrate why mandatory, standardized working at heights training is so critical to worker well-being. One study undertaken by the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) conducted an evaluation of the impact the province's working at heights training standard had on workers and their work sites. A second and earlier probe prepared by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) for the Chief Prevention Officer undertook root cause analysis of worker deaths from falls from heights. Significant results from WAH training standard The IWH evaluation consisted...
IWH - Accomplishments report 2017
In the spring of each year, the Institute for Work & Health publishes an Accomplishments Report. This report summarizes the research and knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) projects and activities undertaken at the Institute in the previous fiscal year. The report provides an update on the status of research and KTE projects and activities, and also lists the publications, grants, awards, collaborators and staff in the previous year. Source:
From awareness to action: Sudbury, mining and occupational disease in a time of change
BACKGROUND: Miners work in highly hazardous environments, but surprisingly, there are more fatalities from occupational diseases, including cancers, than from fatalities from injuries. Over the last few decades, the mining environment has become safer with fewer injuries and less exposure to the toxins that lead to occupational disease. There have been improvements in working conditions, and a reduction in the number of workers exposed, together with an overall improvement in the health of miners. OBJECTIVES: This study attempted to gain a deeper understanding of the impetus for change to reduce...
Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario
Major Workplace Carcinogens and Prevention of Exposure The report presents estimates of occupational exposure and the associated burden of cancer by industry, as well as exposure reduction strategies for the most common occupational carcinogens in Ontario. A major feature of the report is the evidence-based policy recommendations directed at government, Ontario’s occupational health and safety system, employers and non-governmental organizations. Source:
IWH 2014 Annual Report
The Institute for Work & Health's 2014 annual report, titled "Promoting a culture of occupational health and safety," is available online. Read about projects active in 2014 that contributed to the prevention system's shared values and beliefs about what is needed to ensure the protection of workers. Source:
Examen sur la santé, la sécurité dans les mines et de la prévention
Le secteur minier de l'Ontario constitue un élément vital de l'économie ontarienne, un important employeur et un facteur économique des autres secteurs. L'exploitation minière souterraine s'avère de plus en plus être une activité de haute technologie qui, par sa nature, présente de multiples dangers pour la santé et la sécurité. Même si le secteur minier ontarien est l'un des plus sécuritaires au monde, il est toujours possible d'apporter des améliorations. En décembre...

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