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Les métiers du sport - Dossier
Quand la pratique du sport quitte la sphère du loisir pour pénétrer le monde professionnel, le corps devient le premier outil du travailleur. Une particularité qui a pour conséquence de placer l'individu au centre des actions de prévention des risques. Cependant, les démarches purement individuelles sont insuffisantes. Même pour ces activités, la dimension collective de la prévention ne doit pas être négligée. Elle est possible en agissant sur l'environnement, le matériel ou les règles...
Occupational Health and the Performing Arts: An Introduction
Objective: Workplace hazards in the performing arts cause injuries, disabilities, and deaths every year. Occupational health professionals are familiar with most of these hazards and are particularly qualified to contribute to efforts to reduce them. This article reviews current health issues in the performing arts and highlights opportunities for occupational health contributions. Methods: Recognized experts in performing arts medicine were consulted and articles illustrating performing arts health issues were reviewed. Literature sources included medical databases, unindexed art-health publications...
Occupational Health and the Visual Arts: An Introduction
Objective: Occupational hazards in the visual arts often involve hazardous materials, though hazardous equipment and hazardous work conditions can also be found. Occupational health professionals are familiar with most of these hazards and are particularly qualified to contribute clinical and preventive expertise to these issues. Methods: Articles illustrating visual arts health issues were sought and reviewed. Literature sources included medical databases, unindexed art-health publications, and popular press articles. Results: Few medical articles examine health issues in the visuals arts directly...
Conservation-restauration du patrimoine
Sauver le passé en préservant son propre avenir Stabiliser et préserver les biens culturels au bénéfice des générations futures. Noble tâche par excellence, la mission des conservateurs restaurateurs n'est cependant pas dénuée de risques et, si cette réalité n'a pas toujours été regardée en face, les évolutions de ces dernières années démontrent une prise de conscience de la profession. Source:
Traumatic injuries in revue dancers
Revue productions are a combination of dancing and singing, musical and spoken sequences, and acrobatics, performed with or without a story line, and characterized by a versatility of dance styles and a high number of performances (over 250 in a 10-month season). The aim of this quantitative single cohort study is to evaluate work-related traumatic injuries in this dance genre. Data were obtained from work accident reports of the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Berlin (UKB) involving 440 revue dancers (183 males and 257 females). Analysis was conducted with...
Actsafe Newsletter: September 2013
In this issue: •Texting & Driving Documentary: “It Can Wait: From One Second to the Next” •Working Alone or in Isolation Checklist •October is Healthy Workplace Month •CITT Rendezvous 2013 •Cough & sneeze etiquette Source :
Model of safety inspection
Safety inspection is a common element of safety management systems but has been subject to little scholarly research. A naturalistic study conducted in the amusement ride inspection domain identified key features of the task and derived a model fitting the inspection process independent of experience. A survey extended to two additional safety inspection domains supported the central features of the task description including generalist assignment of safety inspectors, high complexity, consecutive use of checklists, risk-informed decision making, and lack of performance feedback. Inspectors adapted...
Dance floor mechanical properties and dancer injuries in a touring professional ballet company
OBJECTIVES : The mechanical properties of the floors used by dancers have often been suggested to be associated with injury, yet limited etiological evidence is available to support this hypothesis. The dance floors at three theatres regularly used by a touring professional ballet company were mechanically quantified with the aim of comparing floor properties with injury incidence in dancers. DESIGN : Cross sectional. METHODS : Test points on the floors were quantified in accordance with European Sports Surface Standard protocols for force reduction. Injuries and associated variables occurring...
An Overview of Safety and Health for Workers in the Horse-Racing Industry
The safety and health hazards associated with the horse-racing industry, along with a lack of adequate disability and health insurance for its workers, prompted an investigation by Congress which culminated with hearings in 2005. One of the outcomes from these Congressional hearings was a letter from the Chairman and Ranking member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, requesting assistance from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH...

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